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Restoration Network First Responder Counseling Services
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These are one-on-one counseling sessions, conducted by a Master’s  Degree level clinician. Services are conducted in-person or via tele-therapy. We have culturally competent clinicians throughout the state of California.

When seeking services, the employee contacts Restoration, and we do the rest to match them with a clinician that meets their specific need.

Individual Counseling 

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Spouses notice signs and symptoms of trauma and PTSD before a Captain or Sergeant ever do. Restoration’s semi-annual trainings will educate the spouse on how to identify and address issues when the stress or work comes home.

Bi-Annual Spouse 


These are one-on-one sessions that occur annually. Each employee meets with  a master’s level clinician at your department. Session provides employee an opportunity to experience a therapeutic relationship and a safe place to process critical work-related events from the previous year.

On-Site Debriefing

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Debriefings work to minimize the chances that stress, anxiety , and depression persist after a traumatic event. Restoration provides formal debriefings, on-scene or at agency crisis consultation and individual services to the most impacted employees. 

Critical Incident Stress 

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Need help starting a peer support team or strengthening your already established team?

Restoration conducst on-site quarterly training for your peer support team members. These trainings provide your team with the education to aid their fellow employee through emotional or professional issues while ensuring your agency is in compliance with state legislation.

Peer Support Training


Restoration provides after hours consultation to command staff regarding behavioral health concerns of their employees. Department culture is crucial to the overall health of a your department, we can help you with that.

Consultation Services

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Restoration Services for your Department/Agency. 

If your department is looking for an addition to their Insurance/EAP or need assistance with your Peer Support Group reach out, request a quote for Restoration Services. Restoration tailors our services to exactly what your department or agency requires. 

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