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First Responders & their Families

No other group of people deal with more trauma and stress than those who daily lay their lives on-the-line for others and those of us who love them.  The emotions that are a part of this work carryover into our personal lives and family experiences.  At Restoration Family Counseling Center, we hold a personal interest, and a heartfelt desire, to see our Firefighters, Police Officers, Dispatchers, and their families encouraged, protected, supported, and restored.

Restoration Family Counseling Center is different than a traditional counseling center.  We are dedicated and focused, first and foremost, on meeting the needs of our First Responders and their families. We do this because most of us in this practice, including our office staff, were either themselves at one time a first responder, or are part of a first responder family. We understand the culture because we also live it.  We understand that dinner time conversations are different in the home of a first responder than that of our neighbors next door, and that when Mom/Dad leave for work each day, the concerns of the families are also different than our neighbors. 

Our children worry in ways that their friends at school do not. 


Direct Pay

Call our office for pricing. 

Late Cancellation/No-Show: $75.00

Network Contracts

If your Agency contracts with Restoration, please Contact our Office. 

EAP Insurance:
First Responders





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