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Amanda Sager, M.A., APCC

Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor
Registration No. APCC 13016
Restoration Family Counseling Center

Supervised by Brenna Repard, LMFT
Amanda sees clients at our Restoration location in Vacaville, CA

Amanda Sager is an Associate Professional Counselor, she works with individuals and teens. She specializes in first responders, spouses and significant others of first responders. Among her areas of specialty is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, infertility and new families, teachers, and athletic performance.

Amanda received her Masters degree in Counseling from Condordia University Irvine. She has been trained in Christian Counseling tenants, Brainspotting, client-centered therapy, and CBT. She has a second Masters degree in Coaching and Athletic Administration and was an educator and coach for 10 years before becoming a counselor.

Amanda is married to a retired firefighter, has a brother who is a previous firefighter, and has a son in the military.

Amanda Sager, M.A., APCC
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