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Nataly Kuznetsov


Nataly is a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Board Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist in Critical Care/Trauma practicing in the state of California. Her passion is to support First Responders and Healthcare workers’ mental health. This population faces unique challenges and has a unique culture, which can only be understood by being a part of it. Nataly has been a part of that culture for over 13 years, working in various hospitals, being part of a 911 system, and responding to disasters both nationally and internationally.

Nataly graduated with a Master’s Degree from the University of California in San Francisco in 2012 and a post-masters from the University of Cincinnati in 2021. Nataly is the founder of a non-profit organization “Disaster Responder Assets Network” that has been providing various mental health services to First Responders and Disaster Relief Responders over the last five years. She founded a peer support program at a Level 2 Trauma hospital in Santa Clara County. She has created and taught classes about cultural competency to mental health providers and peer responders serving the needs of First Responders and Healthcare workers.

Nataly Kuznetsov
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