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   Sherie Mahlberg


Sherie Mahlberg founded and leads Restoration Family Counseling Inc., a California-based behavioral health organization, with a mission to serve First Responders and their families. Sherie began Restoration in an attempt to meet a need she had experienced firsthand, the lack of behavioral health providers who understood First Responder culture.


Sherie comes from a long line of first responders. Her husband of over 25 years is a battalion chief for the fire department, her oldest son is a police officer, her daughter a dispatcher and much of her family is in law enforcement. Using her specialized knowledge of both behavioral health and the special needs of first responders.


Restoration, Family Counseling Inc. is positioned to provide quality care that honors our state's public servants. Sherie and her team of clinicians offer a wide range of services designed to help First Responders, their families and their agencies deal with the unique challenges that first responders' families face.

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Sherie Mahlberg, Founder & Clinical Director

313 Kendal Street, Suite B

Vacaville, CA 95688

Phone: (707) 330-7904

Schedule an Appointment: (707) 330-7904

8am - 4pm Monday - Wednesday

Fax: (888) 356-3202


In Case of Emergency

Call 911, your local emergency room, or behavioral health facility

24-Hour Suicide Prevention Lifeline call or text: (800) 273-8255

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